After working on the computer all day as a graphic designer, I enjoy the opportunity to make items with my hands. Most of my work is made from items I've found or that were given to me rather than going to the landfill. I've had an interest in woodworking for many years and my dad has always helped me out when I needed guidance. I never had much interest in welding until one day I wanted to make an owl out of a horseshoe for a project I was working on. I made all the pieces and just needed to weld them together. I asked my dad if he would weld it for me and he told me if I wanted it done, I had to do it. So, with my dad's help, I made my little horseshoe owl and had a great time doing it. I kept that owl and made another for my project. I've been welding ever since. I started stained glass when my dad and I ran across a large supply of stained glass sheets in an old barn. A friend suggested I try my hand at stained glass, so I researched how to do it and invested in some tools. To my surprise, I have had so much fun learning this craft and even sell my items at a local store. It's always a great feeling to have people interested in my work and requesting special items for themselves and loved ones.

When I'm not at work or working on other art projects, I love being outside. I enjoy riding motorcycles and scooters and taking photos with my antique cameras. Of course while I'm out, I'm always scouting for items I can convert into somehitng someone will enjoy. I've found rebar, tree branches and other items in the street or on curbs that I have picked up and used in various projects.